XBMC Script Failed Problem and how fix it


Using XBMC, sooner or later you will run into a tiny little box on the bottom right hand side that shows XBMC Script Failed. This is XBMC simply telling you that something you just tried to run had a problem completing. Usually this can be resolved in one way or another. Below I’ll list some common problems and solutions to the XBMC Script Failed problem.


Probem :

XBMC Script Failed Happens anytime you try to stream anything from any XBMC Addon or XBMC Plugin.


Solution :

This usually means you have a bad internet connection. Every time the XBMC Addon or XBMC Plugin tries to go out and connect to the streaming source, it fails and return the XBMC Script Failed message. Try and make sure you have a good internet connection and good speed. Sometimes if you are too far from your wifi connection you will get this message because in actuality your internet is going in and out. Moving your wifi closer to the source or adding a hardline may fix the problem.


Problem :

XBMC Script Failed shows up on everything in only one xbmc addon or xbmc plugin


Solutions :

• The website that the XBMC addon or XBMC plugin is streaming from is down.

• The website that the XBMC addon or XBMC plugin is streaming from has changed and an update is needed for the addon or plugin you are using. Sometimes this update is available and you just need to push the update. Sometimes the update is still being written and you will just have to wait until the creator pushed out the update for you to use.

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