XBMC Remote Setup

This article will explain how to setup the XBMC Remote App for the Iphone or Android Phones and Tablets.




The Iphone XBMC remote or Android XBMC Remote provides a way to control XBMC from a phone or tablet. Both the Iphone XBMC Remote app and the Android XBMC Remote app work the same and are setup relatively the same way. There are a few big advantages to using these apps compared, especially, to their IR counterparts.


• Connected over network so you don’t have to deal with pesky IR Problems

• The app includes the use of the keyboard making it much easier to enter in captchas or searches

• There are more shortcut buttons than most remotes.


Requirements for XBMC Iphone Remote or XBMC Android Remote


• XBMC Device must be connected to same network as the IOS or Android device you intend to use as a remote.

• The XBMC Webserver service must be enabled on the XBMC device

• Both devices must have a fairly good connection to the network


XBMC Remote Setup or IOS or Android


• Go to the app store or play store and download the free official XBMC Remote App

• Once installed, you will need to add the device to the app as it supports using multiple XBMC devices

• Click Add Host

• Click  Find XBMC, It will either fill in the correct information or ask you which box you would like to add

• Once finished click save

• Click on the device you just added.

• You can use the remote control or under settings you can choose the keyboard to type stuff in.


Additional notes to setup xbmc remote


• Some older apps on android have different variations of the app. All are based on the same ideas though, and should be setup relatively the same way.

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