XBMC Navi-X Addon Alternatives

As Navi-X has been around for quite sometime, many people want to use this addon for the majority of their streaming. Fortunately, many new addons can be used as alternatives to get just about the same amount of content, if not more. Below I’ll outline the best XBMC addons for the categories. All XBMC addons listed below come with the Taffy Media Center Embedded Linux Edition unless otherwise noted.


Best Live TV XBMC Addons

• Veetle Addon – This addon streams pretty random stuff. If something popular is on, most likely you can find it live here.

MashUP Addon - This is good for many live tv sources. Some work and others don’t just as Navi-X does.

• Sports Devil Addon - Just like the name states, Sports Devil is good for streaming live sports from many different sources.


Best Streaming TV and Movies Adddons

• 1Channel Addon – I think everyone knows this one. Mixed with HD and SD, you can find almost anything you are looking for here.

• Project Free TV Addon – Just like 1Channel except a little more reliable and a little less content. Also a mix of HD and SD content.

• Icefilms Addon – Great for HD show and movies. A lot less sources, however, they seem to be much faster and much more reliable.

• Noobroom Addon – This is a new one for movies but works better than all the rest put together. Downfall is you need to acquire a login.


There you have it. I honestly believe that currently, the above XBMC Addons offer more content and more reliable links. Things are always changing though!

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