XBMC IOS Remote App Manual Configuration

Sometimes when trying to connect the XBMC IOS Remote App to XBMC there are issues automatically finding the device on the network and settings have to be manually entered in. Please see the following post HERE on how to get started.


1)  Browse to System -> System Info. You should see a screen that looks like the one below. Take note of the IP address of your device.


2) Browse to System -> Settings -> Services -> Webserver. Make sure it is enabled and copy the settings below :

• Allow control of XBMC via HTTP : Enabled (blue light)
• Port : 8080
• Username : Nothing
• Password : Nothing
• Web Interface : Default



3) In your XBMC remote app click “Add Host” at the bottom and it should bring up a screen similar to the one below. Please use the settings below :

• Description  = (can be whatever you like)
• Host : Port / TCP Port = (The ip address from step 1) : 8080 / Nothing
— all the rest of the settings should be nothing —-



4) When your done click “Save” – Then click on the host you just added. It should turn green and now work.

Extra Info : The Keyboard can be found by hitting the gear icon in the top right hand side while in the “Remote Control” part of the app.


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