XBMC Buffering Problems and how to fix them!


When streaming through XBMC, you may experience some buffering. Buffering in XBMC can be caused from many different things. Through this post, I will go through the most common causes of buffering and some possible fixes or work around to improve or even eliminate XBMC buffering.



Buffering is caused when data is not being sent to the box fast enough to stream video smoothly. The higher quality of video, the faster data needs to be sent to the box to keep up.


Common Causes


Slow Sources causing XBMC Buffering

The source that you are streaming from is slow. This means that even if  you have a fast internet connection to the box, if your source is slow, there is nothing you can do about other than to change sources.


The Fix

Choosing a different source that may stream faster. Over time you start to get used to which sources are commonly faster than others. This makes for easy picking when those sources are available for whatever you are trying to stream.


Internet Speed causing XBMC Buffering

When your actual internet speed is slow. If your internet speed is slow, it doesn’t matter how fast the source is because your speed to the box is limited.


The Fix


WIFI Connection

If you are on a wifi connection, it is possible you have a low signal. Signal strength plays a big part in how quickly you can receive data. Most phones have apps now to test how good your wifi connection is to the location you are streaming to.


Wired Connection

If you have a wired connection, you may want to check the connection with another device to see if it behaves any differently in tests. It is a quick way of telling if the device has a problem or if the connection has a problem. If your connection is bad with both devices, you can check your cable and your router to see if something may be bad.


Your Internet Provider

Last but not least, if you are paying for a slow connection or there is something wrong with your lines or equipment, you will have problems streaming high quality video. Always make sure that you test your internet speed online and make sure it matches what you are paying for.


Usually if you are having a problem with XBMC buffering, it will fall into one of the categories above.

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