XBMC 1Channel Genesis – No Stream Available Problem


Recently, you may have noticed on some XBMC Addons such as 1Channel and Genesis, when you go to select brand new tv shows or movies, you get a popup stating “No Stream Available”. There are a few things that can actually cause this issue but lately it has simply been because they are starting to list shows and movies when there are actually no sources to play them from yet. A good example would be a new show popping up the day before or earlier in the same day before it has even aired on TV. Because the show has not even aired on TV yet, there is no way there would be any sources to stream it from.

The simple fix for XBMC “No Stream Available” is to wait until sources start showing up. Usually within a day or less they start showing up. In some cases I have seen movies list far before there is a stream available. They may be using this placeholder as a way to advertise new movies online but in the case of streaming, it could take anywhere from a day to weeks. Movies seem to be the harder guess because of the way they are released but shows are pretty predictable.

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2 thoughts on “XBMC 1Channel Genesis – No Stream Available Problem

    • The repository.lambda-1.0.9 repo seems to be working fine on my end. I would suggest checking out the bottom of this POST. It pretty much shows how to force refresh your repos using the context menu. If that doesn’t work, you can also try restarting the device (full reboot). Let me know if it helps!

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