What is XBMC for Android?

What is XBMC for Android?

Xbmc is an app that you can download for android. XBMC is one of the best open source media playback applications currently available and can be installed on many different operating systems including Window, Linux, Android, IOS and more.XBMC fo Android is currently unavailable through the app store so you would have to download it and install it manually. Furthermore, very few android systems fully support all of the XBMC features.

Why is XBMC so Popular?

XBMC has been popular for a long time now due to a very well developed and user friendly media playback interface without most of the restrictions of big name media players . Recently it has been becoming increasingly popular on set top boxes for use with a TV and remote. There are 500+ addons (apps) for XBMC. The big difference is almost all of these apps are meant for use with a television unlike the majority of IOS and Android Apps.

What is the best box for XBMC?

Most installations of xbmc for set top boxes are in development or have been cut down in features to run correctly. Below, I will list a few of the most popular xbmc boxes currently available. I have personally owned and tested each of the options below. Starting with the Jailbroken Apple TV 2, which was the standard for an XBMC Set Top Box for the past few years. More recently, a lot of alternatives to an jailbroken apple tv 2 have been popping up in the form of an Android Set Top Box. Almost all of these android boxes actually provided a worse experience than the jailbroken apple tv 2 due to current hardware limitations. Removing Android and replacing the Operating System with embedded linux and XBMC only proved to have dramatic results in performance increases allowing for a full fledged XBMC experience with almost no drawbacks. So, on with the boxes. . . .

Jailbroken Apple TV 2

This box is currently not in production due to its vulnerability of being jailbroken. That being the case, the price has risen from $80 to $300+ for the sole purpose of installing XBMC as the apple tv 2 needs to be jailbroken to do so. There are playback limitations to the jailbroken apple tv 2 due to outdated hardware. Over time it also starts getting unstable as there is a limited amount of memory available on a jailbroken apple tv 2. With the high price tag and low availability, many people are now looking for the best alternatives to a jailbroken apple tv 2. Some alternatives for the apple tv 2 are listed below with detail providing pros and cons to each.

Android Set Top Boxes

XBMC on android set top boxes is still under development. With very limited hardware support there are only a few devices even capable of playing back video decently with xbmc on android. Another big problem is that most set top boxes are not fast enough to run a full android system and XBMC at the same time. With these issues, XBMC on an Android Set Top Box is not the best option as  it will run slow and video playback in most cases is choppy, out of sync and unwatchable. In the future this will change as faster hardware and additional hardware support is available.

Taffy Media Center

Unlike Android or the Apple TV 2, the Taffy Media Center is based on embedded linux and is the only software installed on the system. Without the Android Operating System or IOS running in the background, XBMC can run much faster, making it one of the best options for using XBMC on a set top box. Video playback up to 1080p without lag or audio delay. Performance is so good, even features such as video playback WHILE browsing through menus is enabled and working well unlike other options available.

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