Restore & Update

Prep The SD Card


TaffyMC Linux B7 Restore File ( Sep 21 2013 ) – Download Here

TaffyMC Android – Stock – ( Sep 21 2013 ) – Download Here

TaffyMC Android XBMC App – Download Here

***If you purchased the box with addons, please email to request the download files to keep the addons after restoring.

Using a SD Card
Format SD Card to Fat32
Extract contents of Restore Zip File to root of SD Card
You should have 4 files total on root of sd card

Install the Update

Unplug everything from the Taffy Device
Plug in HDMI
Plug in SD Card
Turn on TV to correct Input
There is a reset button inside of the AV port.


Using a small / narrow object such as a paper clip, insert into AV port until you feel / hear reset button click.

While keeping the reset button pressed, plug in power
Continue to hold the reset button pressed in until you see the recover screen with the Android Robot.

Once you see the robot, you can release the reset button and let it finish restoring.

You should see a context screen (possibly a broken robot which is fine) When it is complete.


Once Done, Unplug Power
Remove SD Card
Plug Power Back in


Embedded Linux Update and Restore Addons With The TaffyMC Settings Addon