Quick Start Guide

Before Using Please Read The Following

• Never Turn Off or Unplug device while booting up. If unplugging the device is necessary, please wait for device to fully boot up or attempt to fully boot to avoid software related issues.

• It is best to always leave the device on to ensure updates are done as often as possible. This also helps to avoid having to wait for boot up, internet connection and force updates which can take up to 15-20 min depending on how many updates are needed.

Set Up Internet Connection & Update Addons

To set up your network connection simply press the ‘Setup’ button on your remote. Then navigate to ‘internet access’ and highlight ‘network connection’ in the right side panel. Selecting ‘Ok’ will bring up any access points & your wired connection. Select your preferred network connection and enter your network key if needed.

You can also reach internet access by browsing to the following from the home screen

System -> Settings -> System -> Internet access

* It is highly recommended to use a wired connection when possible as streaming video over wireless can cause a lot of ‘buffering’ , especially when streaming HD content.

The first time you try to connect on wireless, it may come back saying ‘No Connection’. Trying to connect a second time should resolve the problem.

Once connected to the internet for the first time, it may take up to 10-15 min to update all addons. It is recommended to wait until everything is updated as using the device during this process substantially increases the time it takes to complete.

Always leaving the device on will help to make sure addons are always up to date and working.

*WEP Security : If using wep security, enter in the HEX key rather than passphrase.

*Note : Currently only DHCP is supported. Please do not try to set a static address as you may need to restore to fix the problem.


Addons (Plugins) & Updating

Once successfully connected to the internet, most addons should work, however, some addons may require an update to work properly as things are always changing.  Leaving the box on rather than turning it off will help to keep addons up to date as much as possible. If any manual fixes are needed, they should be posted to the blog with directions.


Start Watching Stuff!

A majority of streaming video is accessed through Addons.

To get to the addons section:

From the main screen browse to: Video -> Addons (below the video title)

From here, there is a whole page of addons. An easy place to start is HULU. Once it loads up, click on a movie to start streaming.

Additional tutorials for each plugins will be added soon under this section.


Live TV & Sports – Use the ‘sports devil’ addons & NAVI-X under programs from the main menu

TV On Demand – 1Channel & ProjectFreeTV addons

Karaoke – Mikey’s Karaoke

Music Videos – VEVO



If you have any questions or concerns please email support@taffymc.com