Install Repository And Plugins From Fusion

Fusion provides an easy way to install many addons an repositories without having to download a bunch of ZIP files and upload them all. The following instructions show how to use the fusion installer.

From the main XBMC window go to

System -> Settings -> Addons -> Install from zip file -> fusion



From here it is sorted by category. Most people are looking for ‘Video’ plugins.

Under Video, you will see ‘addons’ and ‘repositories’

You can directly install the addon, however, it is advisable to take an extra couple steps to install the repository and then install the addon from the repository. Installing the repository first will help to keep your addon up to date when changes occur in the future.

Some repositories show the addon name, others do not. You can google which ones are which. I’ll be providing a list of common repositories and addons in the future to help.