Documentation / Troubleshooting

** This page will be continuously updated to provide as much support for basic features as possible. If you feel something is missing or need additional help, please email :



Using XBMC

XBMC can be used for anything from basic playback of audio and video to complex libraries with genre filtering. Learning all the features of XBMC can take some time, however, to get started it is recommended to begin with the basic features. Please use the links provided below to help get starting using XBMC for the first time.

XBMC Quick Start Guide



Addons expand the possibilities of XBMC. Think of them like apps that you can install to play videos or music from different places across the internet.  If you are not familiar with addons and repositories in xbmc, installing them correctly can be somewhat difficult. It is recommended to get the TaffyMC with plugins preinstalled if you think this may be too difficult.

Addons can also go down from time to time or quit working all together. Sometimes a manual re install is necessary. Please check this page on how to do a manual re install of a plugin.



Repositories are sources that help install and update addons. For example, if you were to install an addon without the repository that it came from, it would not update when changes occur and you may be left with a non-working addon.  It is always recommended to install the repository for the addon you want, then install the addon from the repository so everything stays updated.


Network Connection

To set up your network connection simply press the ‘Setup’ button on your remote. Then navigate to ‘internet access’ and highlight ‘network connection’ in the right side panel. Selecting ‘Ok’ will bring up any access points & your wired connection. Select your preferred network connection and enter your network key if needed.

You can also reach internet access by browsing to the following from the home screen

System -> Settings -> System -> Internet access

Wired Connection : If you want to used a wired connection. Selected ‘wired’ rather than a wireless connection in the same settings page.


Setting Correct Time

From the main menu navigate to:

System -> Settings -> Appearance -> International

On the right hand side navigate and set

• Timezone Country ( United States )

• Timezone ( your correct timezone )


SSH / SCP File Transfer

SSH is enabled for easy file transfer and manual commands to XBMC. It is recommended that you connect with a wired connection as wireless will sleep to save power and may disconnect during your session.

Login : root / Pass : letmein



Mute : Mutes Volume
Setup : Brings up XBMC setup
Search : Brings up XBMC Favourites
Power : Powers down the device
Zoom : Changes aspect ratio
Subtitle : Toggle Subtitle while playing video
Audio : Brings up XBMC Audio Settings
Photo : Brings up XBMC Pictures
Music : Brings up XBMC Music
File : Brings up XBMC File Manager
Video : Brings up XBMC Video
Network : Brings up Add Network Location
Android : Brings up XBMC Settings
Menu : Brings up Sub Menu (such as adding to favourites)

Ports & Connections

USB Drives

When Connecting a USB Drive, it should show that the device mounted in the bottom right corner. After the device has mounted, you can browse the device by navigating to (from the home screen)

Videos -> Files -> (NAME OF DEVICE)

Some USB drives require more power than the USB port can supply. In these cases, your device may be required to be plugged into a power outlet as well as USB.


Basic Troubleshooting

My Video is flickering or not showing up • Make sure your hdmi cable is fully plugged into the port and that it is not “dangling” or being pulled in any way.
My Wifi is not connecting • Make sure you are within distance from the wireless access point. If signal is low, the box will not operate as intended. Solutions include : moving the box closer to the access point ; use a wired connection ; buy a newer router with stronger signal if your router is old (wireless N); user powerline adapters to run a wired connection through your electrical lines.

• Try leaving your box always on once you get it connected properly. Every time it turns off and back on again it will try and resolve wifi connection and ip. This will make it seem as if it is not connecting to the internet. When leaving it on, it will sleep the display to save energy.

• Verify Passphrase, if using WEP Wifi Security use the HEX key and not the passphrase.

• Try removing security or using ‘guest’ network connection to rule out security problems with your router.

• Try to use a shorter SSID (router wifi name) and remove any special characters that are present

• Reboot the device after trying the passphrase at least twice to refresh settings. If you change your ssid or passphrase a reboot may also be required.

• Ensure your router has up to date firmware on it.

Plugins Have Script Errors or or not working • The most common problem if your box is brand new ( you just received it ) is the internet connection. Please verify you have a good internet connection and are within the wireless distance.
• If your wireless signal is too weak, addons will appear to be broken and have script errors. Solutions include : moving the box closer to the access point ; use a wired connection ; buy a newer router with stronger signal if your router is old ; user powerline adapters to run a wired connection through your electrical lines.
• If only one addon is acting up, it is likely waiting to be updated. Updates can sometimes take a couple days AFTER release to install automatically to your Taffy Media Center. You can also manually re-install the addon if you know that the update has already been released.