Taffy Media Center Product Capabilities

Taffy Media Center Product Capabilities

We often get the question, what exactly can I stream with the Taffy Media Center? Or, What can I stream with XBMC?

The easiest answer to these questions is, almost anything you want! All Taffy Media Center Products are programmed to easily stream almost anything you can find on a computer through the comfort of your couch. This includes TV Shows, Movies, Live Sports and much more. Most streaming is done through XBMC which is a program that has its own apps kind of like Android or IOS.

Do I need a computer?

No. This is a standalone product meaning everything you need is in the box. As long as you have high speed internet and a TV, you are ready to start streaming!


Through XBMC, your options are almost limitless. Unlike Android or IOS systems, XBMC is completely open source. This means that anyone can write apps ( called addons through XBMC ) without having to go through an approval process! This allows for apps to stream content from anything on the web.

Other products say XBMC, what is the difference?

XBMC Performance

Our company was started by programming hardware to run XBMC as smooth as possible. Unless properly configured, like any other software, XBMC can run slow and video can be out of sync and stutter. Not with our products. All our products are configured and programmed to run XBMC with minimal problems and no video playback issues. Our 99% positive reviews show that our buyers agree!

Ease of Use

To make things as easy as possible, our boxes come with custom Launchers (think desktop) that make everything easy to use with a remote. Android was originally made with touchscreen in mind and most android media streamers come with a stock android launcher. This is a big problem because the stock android launchers are very difficult if not impossible to use with a remote.

Why is a jailbroken Apple TV 2 so expensive?

Simple, low supply and high demand due to consumers being unaware of Taffy Media Center so spread the word! At the time Apple TV 2 came out it was the only device to run XBMC under $200 and it only cost $100 at the time. When it stopped being produced there was a limited supply and this has driven up the price well over $200 each. Now, new devices are hitting the market with XBMC, however, many of them are poorly configured leaving the customer wanting his old ATV2. Proper configuration is key and that is why Taffy Media Center has been so successful.

XBMC Addons

XBMC addons can be a bit of a pain to install correctly. You first need to download and install a repository which keeps the addon up to date. You then need to install the addon from the repository. If this is done incorrectly, addons will not be updated and when content changes on the websites, your addon will not stream the new content.

Fortunately, all Taffy Media Center products come with all the popular addons and repositories installed so all you have to do is plug it in, connect to the internet and start streaming!

Common Addons


This addon allows you to stream almost any TV Show or Movie through online sources. You can make favorite lists to easily find what you are looking for and even link your favorites between multiple boxes.

Project Free TV

This addon is an alternative to 1channel and works just about the same way with just about the same amount of content. It does have a nice feature to show the most popular streams in the last 24hr, 3day & 7days.


This addon is exactly like 1channel but with a little less content (think only newer seasons and movies) but everything is in HD.

Sports Devil

This addon has the ability to stream live sports such as football, soccer, UFC, Boxing and more from many different sources that are constantly updated. There is a lot of pre-recorded sports content as well.

Additional Android Apps

All Taffy Media Center products come with a few other Android apps for convenience.

Airplay Server – This enables airplay devices to stream to our products.

Internet Browser
+ More



TMC2 In Action

TMC3 In Action

Getting Started With XBMC Addons

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