SportsDevil Addon Fixes and Updates


Some of you may have noticed the XBMC addon SportsDevil not working correctly or at all. That is because some major changes have happened recently to provide faster updates to SportsDevil as time goes on. On the previous versions of the XBMC SportsDevil Addon it was a bit harder to issue updates and therefore things have slowly started to have problems within the addon. This new update is a breath of fresh air and is recommended to anyone who enjoys this great addon.

Installing The Repo First

1) From the home screen, navigate to System -> Settings -> Addons -> Install From Zip File

2) Scroll down to “fusion” – All Taffy Media Center devices come with Fusion however if you do not see it, please see THIS tutorial.

3) Within the Fusion Directory browse to Sports and select the SportsDevil Repository and let the install.

Installing the Addon From The Repo

4) From the home screen, navigate to System -> Settings -> Addons -> Get Addons

5) Choose “SportsDevil Repository” which we had you install in the first 3 steps above.

6) Select “Video Add-Ons” -> “SportsDevil”

7) You should be prompted with a screen to install, select “Install” and wait for it to complete.

8) You should now have the new SportsDevil Addon in your Video -> Addons

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