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A lot of people that enjoy XBMC (now named KODI) may wonder why it is not available in the app store or google play. The reason is that the developers of XBMC do not feel it is ready to be available to the mass public. They is their decision and should be respected. The developers have introduced what is being called a “Test Drive” for the app store which is under a different name as to not confuse people. The name of the app they added is called SPMC.

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SPMC and Reliability

The great news is that SPMC is currently being updated and maintained by a Team-Kodi Devloper named Koying. So rather than someone on the outside that may be behind the curve on updates, SPMC is directly connected to KODI / XBMC. Unless something changes, SPMC is the best recommendation for Android owners who want to keep XBMC up to date with reliable releases from a trusted source.

XBMC Trusted Sources

XBMC is an open source software. This means that anyone has access to the code and can build their own custom build. Open source is great for development, however, it opens the flood gate for many sources that have been modified for specific devices or software forks that are not very stable. An unstable XBMC build can leave users with a lot of headaches and ultimately an unusable XBMC.

When a source is trusted and reliable, such as SPMC, they try to only release stable builds that work well. In addition SPMC has a developer you can trust not to deviate from the path.

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