Should I Upgrade XBMC to Kodi?


A lot of people are starting to wonder if its time to upgrade XBMC. For most, the short answer is NO, however, it starts getting a little more complex when trying to explain why. First lets start by narrowing down why so many people are wanting to upgrade.

Common Reasons for wanting to upgrade XBMC

  •  An XBMC popup told them they should upgrade
  • XBMC as a whole is staring to act slow or sluggish
  • XBMC is giving script errors
  • Some XBMC Addons are not working
  • XBMC has crashed or stopped working all together
  • XBMC is staring to Buffer a lot more videos than it used to

A few reasons why you might want to think twice

While most of these problems might be reasons for re installing XBMC, if you choose to upgrade as well, you may find you have more problems than if you just re installed the same version. XBMC has had some very MAJOR upgrades recently which is definitely a positive but it takes time for the community of addon developers to catch up and ensure everything is working corrently in the new version. While many things do, I have personally ran into some compatibility issues with a few addons.

The new XBMC version named KODI is also very new as compared to how long the original XBMC has been out. I would personally recommend 13.2 as it was the last version made under XBMC. Links to older version of XBMC or older version of KODI can be found at the following link

When should I upgrade to KODI?

It’s hard to say when the best time would be to finally upgrade to KODI. You could upgrade to the newest 14.2 right now with minimal problems. I use my TMC6 every day and just don’t want to have any additional problems than I have to when trying to watch a little TV. I would say around summertime 2015 might be a good time upgrade but I will definitely be posting when I decide to update as to help others know when they might want to as well.

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    • You should be able to. It doesn’t look like it is on the play store so I would recommend downloading the apk to a usb drive, plugging the drive into the box and installing it with the apk installer in the app section.

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