Setup Guide

** Nexus Player Setup Only **

For Older Device Please Click HERE

Device Placement

The new nexus device uses a bluetooth remote. After initial setup, the device does not need to be in plain sight any more like previous devices.

Connect the device

Using the manual provided with your device, connect the hdmi cable and power cable. Wait for device to fully boot up.

Connect your Remote Control

Use the provided batteries and insert them into your remote by sliding off the back cover of the remote. You will probably notice nothing is working and that is because you need to connect your remote to the device. On the bottom of the device there is button right in the center. Click the button once. Now find the back button and the button with the circle on it on your remote. Hold both of these button for 3-5 seconds until you see “Nexus Remote” show up on the screen. Once it shows up it should automatically pair in about 15-20 seconds. Once this process is done, you should not have to pair them again.

Get your device connected to the internet.

Click the button with the circle on it to ensure you are at the home screen. Once at the home screen press the down button until you highlight settings. Click over once and then the center button on “Network Settings” in order to configure. Click on wifi and choose your wifi connection. Enter a password if needed. You should now be connected to the internet.

Start KODI

On the home screen ( clicking the button with a circle on it will bring you there ), scroll down once to the “Apps” section. Scrolling all the way to the right, you should see the KODI app. Click on that icon.

Keep KODI Running, Internet Connected & Device ON

Once you have KODI up and running, do not close KODI or turn off your device everytime you use it as this will cause problems. For best results keep KODI open and keep your device connected to the internet. This will ensure KODI stays up to date in the background. If you choose not to do this, KODI will look for updates everytime you open it. As things update on a daily basis, it will take about 5-10 min of slow responsiveness every time you go to use the device.

Getting Started With KODI

Watch the Video HERE

Clearing The Device and Checking Updates

Your device should be left on and running KODI most of the time. A couple times a month it should be cleared though for best performance as you are most likely streaming a lot of video and data to your device. All you need to do is power off your device fully and power it back on. Usually to turn off your device, you hold the power button until a menu pops up. Within the menu there should be an option to power off the device. If you powered it off correctly, you should see a boot screen when powering it back on. If you do not, that means you just turning off the screen and turned it back on.

Slow Downs Over Time

Over time (6-12months) your device may start to slow down compared to when you first bought it. Just like a computer, as you use it, caches and memory fill up and it takes the device longer to look through all those files you have been streaming and searching for. Please use the following methods to speed it back up.

Clearing Your Cache

Cache can be cleared using the maintenance addon under programs from within XBMC. Look for the clear cache button.

Android Apps in Background

It is highly recommended that you have no apps running in the background while trying to use XBMC. To ensure this, turn off the device, unplug it from the power then plug it back on and power it back up.

Restoring the device

Sometimes if the above methods do not work, it is best just to start over to get things moving quick again. Please see the support section for your device to restore it properly.