Problems Restoring Addons with XBMCHUB Wizard and XBMC Linux Boxes


Well, aside from the title explaining most of it, there is a major issue with restoring addons through the XBMCHUB Wizard with Linux Based Boxes. Unfortunately, this is mostly due to the advertising aspect (background images ect..) they include within the restore process. If you own a Linux Based XBMC Media Streamer, do not use this as it will most likely cause more problems than it is worth including internet connection problems, addon compatibility  and random crashes to name a few.

We, at Taffy Media Center, will soon be releasing an updated addon “TaffyMC Settings” that will alleviate most of the issues with restoring addons with our boxes (without the needless advertising). Updates are a little slow to ensure minimal amount of issues. Most of the updates will be posted in the blog and linked through the forum to keep things as organized as possible. Our number 1 priority is keeping things as easy as possible using XBMC with Taffy Media Center.

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