New XBMC Addon – Stream All the Sources (SALTS)


Written from the same developer as 1Channel this new XBMC addon takes strides only previously seen from the legendary XBMC addon MashUp. When used correctly, SALTS can save your shows (in the cloud per say) and organize a sort of TV Guide for the shows in your list. It will give you a weekly calendar of when shows that you like were on and when they will be on. From that calendar list, you can simply click on the episode and then choose from sources. Super Simple. This is my personal new go to XBMC addon (right in front of Genesis)


Stream All The Sources (SALTS) Installation :

  1. Ensure you have fusion installed
  2. Install the TKNorris Repo from Fusion
  3. Install Stream All the Sources Addon From the TKNorris Repo
  4. Click on SALTS in video Addons
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