New AAA Stream XBMC Addon and Repo


From AAA Stream Facebook Page

The new AAA Repo is now live, thanks for your patience it is much appreciated. Install the repo from this link and browse through a selection of addons all great addons in one place. please join the groups if you have any questions. thank you

So it looks like the AAA Stream XBMC Addon is back on track! I would recommend the following :

  • Remove all Previous versions of the AAA Stream Addon and associated Repos
  • Install the new AAA Stream Repo
  • Install the new AAA Stream addon from the new Repo so it stays up to date

10 thoughts on “New AAA Stream XBMC Addon and Repo

  1. Is there a new problem today?? Started Kodi this morning. and saw that AAA updated and then it was gone from my addon list See that both are neabled repo and Addon.. but is a no show

      • Alrighty.. BTW a couple a days ago.. when I finally did the update cuz I saw that things were hinky.. it was a pain in the butt..
        After I did the update.. the repo for you aaarepo was enabled and I did the AAA addon update.. and it would not show in the add ons.. nothing I could do would make it work.. Shut down KODI restarted still no AAA addon.. I finally went back to the older build .. the one for the direct link Dnld you added and came back.. BUT in a flash the whole addon disappeared.. Got it useable when added it to Favs..
        Came here to share experience and this blog was refusing to let me post.. The next day it seemed to be working..
        Thought you should know..
        Much gratitude for all your wonderful work..
        OH one last thought Peeps like me who don’t use Facebook.. really have only this way to share info.. Plse don’t force me to join facebook.. keep this here :-)
        Cuz once the dust settles I have a couple of channel request if possible

  2. I was glad to see you are up and running again, I suspected that something was amiss when I had the pop up come up on my Kodi with the message about AAA Streams, i was hesitant to disable the add on because it was where i was getting all my live channels. When i went back to use it, however I was no longer able to get the channels. So….I read your blog and have tried installing the new repo as mentioned in your blog. I went to system, then file manager, put in the new source and i get a pop up that says the directory cannot be found. Am i doing something wrong? Thanks.

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