Restore Addons Using The XBMC Backup Addon Located Under Programs

If it is not installed, The addon can be found in

Settings -> Addons -> Get Addons -> Addons -> Program Addons -> XBMC Backup -> Install

Download Link For XBMC Addons using the XBMC Backup Addon ( 7-26-13 )

Taffy Media Center Addons – Manual Install

Currently Includes:

• Replace GuiSettings – Replaces GuiSettings.xml with the one that came with the box.

• Remove GuiSettings – Removes GuiSettings.xml

• Network Test – Basic Network Testing

** Replace and Remove GuiSettings is used to specifically fix Network Settings when they are locked up or not working. May have to be used twice in a row to fully reset settings.

To use: Repeat both steps TWICE

1) click on the menu item and wait until it tells you to reboot

2) Press Power button on remote to power down and again to power back up.


Can be downloaded to a USB Stick and plugged into the Taffy Media Center

Install by going to

Settings -> Addons -> Install From Zip File -> “NAME OF USB DEVICE” ->TaffyMCPlugin.Zip

It will show up under Video Addons

Download Link For The Taffy Media Center Addon ( Beta Version )