Internet Connection, Streaming Video and Powerline Adapters


When streaming video, a couple things have to line up in order to get a smooth stream.


Fast Connection

Meaning the speed provided from your service provider is at least 12Mbps.


Good Connection

Meaning that the wifi or wired connection is good and that your router and/or modem is in good working condition and set up properly.


A Fast Server

This would be the source you are streaming from. Some servers are slow and others can slow down when congested (think after work around 6pm when everyone goes on). Finding a good fast server to stream from can sometimes be half the battle.


Different types of connections can cause problems too.



Trying to stream HD Video over wifi is typically a no no. Having the newest technology wireless ‘N’ and having a short distance to your router can help but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will not have problems. Wireless if effected by noise, walls and even inconsistencies in devices. If you have a device on your wifi network using the older ‘G’ technology, usually your router will only send out ‘G’ signal making your whole wifi network very slow. Walls and noise can also slow things down. If you have an inexpensive router, distance can easily be the issue. It is for all of these reasons that most experienced users will recommend having a wired connection.


Wired Connection

This speaks for itself. Having a solid wired connection, you can’t really go wrong. Before you say “Wait, I don’t have a wire running to my TV location and I AM NOT having going across the room!” hear me out. You have options believe it or not. There are device that allow you to run a wired connection through your electrical lines. They are call ‘Powerline Adapters’


Powerline Adapters

I would like to start off by saying I love these things. Not all of us can or want to run network lines all through our house! Now you don’t have to. These devices will run a wired connection though your electrical lines which I can bet there is one right behind your TV! You will need two of them though. One to plug in near your router and another to plug in near your tv. Each will have a network port which you can plug into your devices. All the big manufacturers make them too! Netgear, Linksys, TrendNET ect… I would recommend looking up some reviews first though.

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