Installing more XBMC Addons Manually & XBMC Repository Installs

XBMC handles Addons (apps) a little differently than common systems like IOS and Android. Because XBMC is open source and does not have an app store to handle all apps, there are multiple sources that apps can be installed from. These sources are called Repositories. To install an Addon, you would have to browse to the repository for the addon you want or install it first if it is not installed yet. You can then install the addon you want from its repository.

To install an addon from the home screen, use the following outline.

System -> Settings -> Addons -> Get Addons -> ( repo name ) -> ( video add-ons ) -> ( addon name )

Ex. for Icefilms
System -> Settings -> Add-ons -> Get Add-ons -> anarchintosh addons -> video add-ons -> icefilms

Install XBMC Repository From Fusion

If you are not sure what the repository is for the addon you want, you may have to google it to find out. Once you find out what the repository is, there are a few ways to install it. The easiest is through the fusion installer as it is already installed and ready to use on Taffy Media Center devices. Other methods include downloading and transferring over with a thumb drive. The fusion install is limited to the more popular addons but it usually has what your looking for.

System -> Settings -> Addons -> Get Addons -> Install From Zip -> Fusion

From that screen you can browse through fusion (like a file directory) until you find the repository you want to install. Once you find it, just click on it and it should download and install.

Install XBMC Repository from Downloaded Zip File

You can also find the repository zip file online and copy it to a thumb drive. Insert that thumb drive into your device and browse to

System -> Settings -> Addons -> Get Addons -> Install From Zip -> Thumb drive -> Repository Zip File

Install XBMC Addon From Repository

Once you have your repository installed, you can find it at

System -> Settings -> Addons -> Get Addons -> ( Repository Name  )

The addon should be within that repository if you installed the correct one. It is usually found within a sub directory like “Video Addons” or “Addons”.


System -> Settings -> Addons -> Get Addons -> ( repo name ) -> ( video add-ons ) -> ( addon name )

After selecting install, you should see a small box pop up in the bottom right of your screen when install in complete. This process can take 1-5 minutes normally depending on the speed and queue of your download. After install is complete, your addon should be available under Video Add-Ons  ( where all the rest of your addons are ).

Problems with Addons

XBMC addons are free. Their creators usually make them on their free time. Given this, it is very common for addons to have slow updates or no updates at all if the creator runs out of time to develop anymore. XBMC changes often. Addons go out of development and new ones, better ones pop up all the time. Over the last few years we have seen Project free TV then 1channel and icefilms, then to mashup and now a new addon named genesis is the current “Go-To” Addon.

Google is your best friend if you want to find out anything new about a particular addon or if it is even in development anymore. We update our blog here and facebook with news on the more popular addons but there are just too many to keep track of all of them. If you are having trouble with a particular addon, check and make sure that it is

1) still in development

2) if there are any pending updates that may help it work again

Other problems may arise like corrupted files or a bad update which would can usually be fixed with a removal and reinstall. Updates can also take some time to automatically get installed. In this case you can try and force the update (with the context menu) or simply find the zip file online and install it manually with a thumb drive.

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