How To Troubleshoot XBMC Addon Problems

Just wanted to post a quick tip on how to troubleshoot XBMC addons when they are not working. Sometime an addon like Navi-X or 1Channel will be working great for months and then out of the blue, stop working. Hopefully this post will shed some light on how to get the addon back up and working or at least figure out why it has stopped working

Common Problems

Check the Internet Connection

A quick way to make sure the box is getting a good internet connection is to

• Verify it has an IP in settings

• Use another addon (or two) to see if they work

Check The Website It Is Streaming From

Almost all XBMC video addons stream from a website. For exampe – 1Channel currently streams from Navi-X currently streams from If these sites are down or slow, there is no way the addon could work because these websites are where the content comes from. You may have to do a little digging on google to verify exactly where your specific XBMC addon streams from but it shouldn’t be too hard.

Check for XBMC Addon Updates

You should only come to this step once you have verified the last two options for troubleshooting. Making sure you have a good internet connection to your media box and that the website it is streaming from works deduces the problem to the addon itself. There are one of two options here

(1) The XBMC addon is being updated by the creator and you will have to wait.

(2) The XBMC addon has been updated and your media box is waiting to receive it.

For option two, you can usually manually update the XBMC addon yourself or wait until your box grabs it in the queue.


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