How To Send YouTube Videos From Your Phone To Your TV


So there are many different ways to send video or audio to your tv from your phone. Apple has airplay, Android has Casting and there are a bunch more. YouTube has finally included their own so that way you do not have to rely on other services to stream a YouTube video easily. Here’s How…

• Make sure you have youtube installed on both your TaffyMC device and on your smartphone.

• On your TaffyMC, open up the YouTube App.

• Find settings and click on “Connected TVs”

• From here it should show a pin number.

• Open the Youtube app on your phone.

• Again, go to settings and find “Connected TVs”

• Enter in the pin code from your TaffyMC device into your phone.

• Thats It! Make sure the Connected TV Icon is blue and click on a video. It should load up on the TaffyMC.

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