How does Apple TV Work?


The apple TV works by using the internet to watch shows and movies on your TV. It uses ‘apps’ that come preloaded with the device to find different type of content to watch. This is the basic answer to how does apple tv work, however, it can get a lot more complicated if you start digging deeper into the questions.

Simply put, there is a lot of content on the internet to watch. From youtube to there are episodes and movies and just fun stuff to entertain you. What the Apple TV does is try and bring all that entertainment to you TV. It becomes the link between your TV and the entertainment of the internet. Using a remote you can browse through and find what you want. Once you find it, you can stream it to your TV.

Streaming Video

Streaming video is what the Apple TV does. Streaming video is the process of playing a video over the internet. If your internet is slow or the quality is bad, this process does not always feel like the best way to watch videos. In 2015 a lot of our internet is fast enough to easily stream high quality videos without a problem. Apple TV manages to stream most things a good quality.

The Apps

The apps are more or less ways to access the different parts of the internet of videos. Just like there are different channels you can watch on cable TV, there are different sources on the internet you can stream videos from. You may have heard of a few of them like Youtube, Netflix and Amazon prime to name a few. Some of these apps require a paid service in order to use them. Usually around $5 – $10 per month which is still a lot cheaper than cable.

The Apple TV does limit the amount of apps you can have or get though. So any customization or internet video sources that are not included with the apple tv are impossible to watch. This is the reason some people like to jailbreak or release the device of the limitations apple has on their devices. Another way is just to use an alternative to the device that does the same thing without the limitations.

Best Apple TV Alternatives

• TaffyMC TMC6

• Roku

• Amazon Fire TV


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