Genesis Script Error – Dev Stops Development

Unfortunately, the users of genesis have been giving the developer a hard time about some minor bugs in his addon. What users either do not know or do not care is that the developer does this as a hobby for free on his own time. Now that this developer is pissed off because users are not appreciating his work and instead attacking him, his best solution is to stop development of the addon so users have nothing to complain about.

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You’re absolutely correct this new update is broken I don’t care what the developers are saying that its the links that are overloaded this is happening to every movie no matter what link is clicked, the script is flawed, not only am I and you having this problem also others that I personally know that have kodi installed are saying the same, now instead of the devs’ covering up this mess with no solution? maybe try to fix it so we can enjoy your beautiful addon again? It’s funny how many of these threads are created yet their solution is to try another link when even the sources are not loading correctly.

. . . and the reply from lambda (dev)

I don’t care what you say too.
I don’t stream the files myself. There is nothing to fix.
This addon is nothing more than a search engine.
It just searches the internet for free streams.
I definately don’t owe you free bandwidth lol.
If you want to have no buffering, go and buy a netflix account.
Free filehosts are not offering unlimited traffic you know.
I have a solution though.
Kiiling Genesis and all the stupid userbase it has right now and start a new addon.
If it gets infected with users like you, killing the new addon too and creating a new one.

So as you can see we have a bit of a problem. The current status of Genesis is up in the air until further notice. Until then I would set up and start using Salts (Stream All The Sources). It is a great alternative to genesis and is only second to genesis in my book.

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