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There are a lot of XBMC addons out there. Some of them work well and others do not. Some of them are supposed to work well and end up causing more frustration rather than entertainment. Below I’ll list what our customers are raving about and some of the frustrations so you are aware.



We all know and love the 1channel addon for XBMC. It has its ups and downs but for the most part is still the addon with the most content for TV Shows, especially older seasons (in case you would like to start from the beginning). 1Channel also has a really great feature of being able to link your favorites between XBMC installations. This means that if you have three boxes installed in your house, when you add a favorite to one box, it shares the added favorite between all boxes.



Still one of the best XBMC addons for HD shows and movies. The sources are more limited but are much more reliable. Usually you can only find newer movies and seasons of shows so I wouldn’t start here if you’re trying to watch the entire season of LOST.


Project FreeTV

This XBMC addon is much like 1channel. Having a little less reliable sources to stream from though. Project FreeTV does have something very usefull though. There is a section where you can list recent TV shows  (Last 24hrs, Last 3 Days ect.. ) I personally love this feature. It really reminds me of browsing an on demand TV Guide and seeing what I may have missed.


Sports Devil

This is more or less a must have for sports. Still offering far more content than any other sports addon for Live Sports or Sports on demand.


Much Movies HD

This addon has its ups and downs but when it works, it works good! Pretty much all the recent movies in HD with no sources. Meaning when you select the movie it either plays with no buffering in HD or it doesn’t. Saves time from having to dig through sources when you really just don’t want to.



These guys have gone through many changes in recent months due to their advertising and ad techniques. XBMC and the addon community is more or less not happy about this and so they have had to go out on their own with servers, support and web presence. Given this news, I have a lot of customers who absolutely love this addon. It has the newest content, decent sources and you can usually get playing what you want to play.


There have been many new addons in the past year. The problem is, you will fall in love with one and then it will stop being supported and you have to dig into another addon. The XBMC addons listed above have been around for a while now and I find myself to keep going back to them.

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