Airplay Android – How to Airplay to an Android Device


Coming from someone who just likes things to work, it is very annoying to have so many apps out there that are so buggy they are unusable or they just flat out do not work the way they are advertised. This brings me to my quest to find a reliable way to airplay and mirror content from my apple phone to my TMC6 device.

There are a handful of apps out there that are not on the google play store for receiving airplay content. I am not going to go through any of those because in my experience, those apps work great for a month or two. As soon as something changes, these is a problem and the app does not work or it crashes enough that you avoid using it. Apps on the google play store are updated better but as noted above, they are not all updated enough to keep up.

Given that frequent updates are required and people that get paid are more motivated to update their apps, Free apps seem to have the same problem of not working due to slow updates. I like to go through this thought process because it may help some of you to find good working apps out there besides an airplay receiver app.

After much testing Free Airplay Apps, Unlisted Airplay Apps and Paid Airplay Apps, I finally came across one that worked just as advertised.

Airplay/DLNA Receiver (PRO)

This is one of the only apps out there that worked for music, video, pictures and mirroring – flawless. There were very few hiccups at all using this app. Switching from one type of airplay to the next or to mirror and then back never froze the system. It should be noted that the TMC6 is a quad core device with an octo-core GPU which meets the specs the app needs. Airplay apparently needs a decent CPU/GPU for a smooth experience.

It should also be noted my experience with Aiplay/DLNA Receiver FREE was not so smooth. I believe this one does not receive as many updates or features which causes crashes and problems that deter me from even using it.

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