AAA Stream Live TV Addon Update – Fix


Lately, you may have noticed this new and great TV addon AAA Stream Live TV has been down or not working. After a bit of looking, I found out there was a pretty good update that fixes a lot of things. One of the major fixes was sorting of content. Rather than have every source listed and have to browse through each source, they are now all listed together by channel so you can easily go from one source to the next for a specific channel if it is not working.

In addition to the fixes and sorting of content, they have actually added new content. Make sure to take some time to check out everything they have! Please use the following as a way to update to the newest version.

1) Browse to the TaffyMC Source ( use this link if you don’t have the taffymc source added yet )

2) Select Addons

3) Select

4) Wait for it to install

5) Go to your video addons folder and click on AAA Live TV

6) Click on Live Streams


2 thoughts on “AAA Stream Live TV Addon Update – Fix

    • There has been a false update issued by someone that is upset with the AAA team. I am going to be writing a post about it and how to fix it for others as well. I’ll reply here as soon as I have it up. As a quick fix though for the AAA Stream TV addon is to manually remove the AAA Stream TV addon and reinstall it though the TaffyMC Source. Just do not update until they fix the problems they are having with other people.

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